Hi, my name is Aisha Dean.

I'm an artist, animal lover, animator and into the culinary arts

...well, sorta...I just like to cook.  

I'm 11 years old and I Iive in beautiful Ontario, Canada.

I'm an unschooler and I have been helping animals by selling my art since I was six.

So far, I have raised money for local turtles, local bees and Canadain ducks.

I am helping local rattlesnakes next by selling art

at the Toronto Zoo on November 24, 2018.

I doodle anything from animals to cartoons by either using my tablet

or a pen and paper, whatever I can get my hands on at the time.

I've recently started animating using FlipaClip on my tablet.

Look for what I'm making under the button called "Animations" on the top right.

When I'm not drawing, I'm either outdoors enjoying nature

or running around with my two cats Lucy and Linus.

Lucy is super playful and energetic and Linus...

well, he's a bit grumpy but still cute, especially at treat time.

Please go to my Instagram account by pressing the button below,

and see all my latest work. Please be sure to like and subscribe too!

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©2018 Aisha Dean

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